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Designer  Goldsmith Gemologist



SUSIE KIM  is a head designer on Yeoubi company.


She majored in jewelry design at Fashion Institute of Technology in NY 

and also got certified two licenses for being able to distinguish real gems from synthetic stones 

at Gemological Institute of America.

 She has a sense of drawing inspired by different colors and shapes in jewelry design. 

She all can, and do for yours...




Working in New York




From New York to Korea, Susie has been working in the jewelry field.


She worked as a fine jewelry designer for season items and trunk shows at the major diamond

company in New York City. Then, she received a job offer from a luxury goods jewelry company 

which everybody knew.

If someone want to get another side,  she will guide and Yeoubi will support


without any hesitation...




Birth of YEOUBI



순수 우리말인 여우비는 햇볕이 난 날에 잠깐 내리는 비를 의미합니다.


반복되는 일상에 파묻힌 감성을 일깨워, 그 누구도 아닌 내가 나를 재발견 할수있는 곳으로


'Design Me' , '나를 디자인하다'를 모티브로


뉴욕 디자이너 주얼리 브랜드, 여우비가 탄생하였습니다.




The Begining




여우비는 디자이너 브랜드로  Jan 26, 2015 쇼핑몰을 시작으로 


대단원의 Grand Opening을 하였습니다.



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